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Jaden's Mommy
For ages 0-10. Fun contest site and a place you can buy baby clothes and maternity clothes!! W/no bonuses. Which gives children a chance to win off their pic, rather than how much there mom can get online:)

Rank Title and Description In Out
1 ♥CutiePIe Contest♥
0 339
Cute contest for parents to enter also for their childern ..Fun for everyone
2 Babies and Kids Are Our Future
0 481

I run all different theme contests from Mon.- Fri.. Ages from newborn to 12 years old. I do bonuses for extra votes! It is a fun invironment! I decorate each picture to fit the theme for that week. Fr
3 Sweet Child Of Mine
0 349
Small group of Mommys,Daddys, Grandparent Siblings and Friends. Fun contest for babies,toddler,kids,teens & adults. Recipes, games, Baby of the week, and much much more.
4 Ordinary Miracles Baby Contest
0 574
This is a VERY fun and fair contest :) Children ages 0-5 only. Certificates and ribbons are mailed to the 1st place winners house and collages are made for all the winners and a Judges Choice! COME AN
5 V.I.P Kids/Babies Contests
0 274
Kids & Babies Contest.. Nothing But Fun Its Fun & Fair And Prizes Awarded To Winners!
6 Our Little Wonders
0 318
This is a contest site for ages 0-15. I do two contests a week and its very popular. Please add my site
0 351
Great site for kids ages 0-5yrs. Different Themes each week. Always up for suggestions. Each theme there is a First place, Runner Up and Judges Pick Winner and they all receive their picture photoshop
8 family precious momentz contest site
0 273
my site is dedicated to family precious momentz. there are many themez to choose from. i also offer personal tags. come join the precious momentz :o) **CiN**
9 Sweet Pea
0 250
The BEST site on myspace to get layouts, icons, graphics and more! you can also purchase baby items and enter your child in fun contests! coming soon prizes sent to the winners homes!
10 Polka Tots Baby Contest
0 224
My site is all about beautiful babies. Parents are allowed to join my friend list and enter their little one in any themes I am offering for the weekly period. I am hoping to have lots of parents to join, and I invite that you would too!

Rank Title and Description In Out
11 butterfly kizzes contest, snags & offers
0 219
contest for all ages. We have some prize contest too!! We also have tags, snags and offers. Come check us out! We recently started haveing a tournament were you can when big prizes! come join the fun
12 poohs corner photo contest
0 268
this is a non voting contest page that is fun and exciting
13 Beautiful Cuties Babies Contest
0 404
This is a photo contest for babies up to 10 years old . We have prizes and edited pictures and we have alot of fun come .
14 Awesomeness Contests
0 220
Very Very NEW contest for babies and some for
15 Beautiful Babies Contest
0 401
This is a contest site for babies and kids from the ages of newborn to 12 years. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will receive and award keepsake that can be printed out and kept. We also have a daily bonus that helps you to win. We are also giving an awar
16 Baby makers Contest && tags
0 328
We do contests weekly.Wehave tags && snags.There is always a new child for baby of the week && month...We have atleast 5 themes open at all times
17 Hottest MILFs Of 07
0 1255
A site for mommies, babies, friends and family, where they can go meet new friends, speak about their experiences, pregnancy,and their child/children!
18 Precious moments Contest
0 238
This a contest page on myspace for babies, toddles, kids, moms.... come join the fun!
19 cutiesandtheirmummies
0 288
A place for Mums of all walks of life to meet and interact with other Mums. Thats our motto. Run themed competetions for kids once a month as well as MOTM comps once a month. Add Us 4 a bit of fun!
20 Mommy's Memories
0 372
FUN FUN FUN!! We have different themes each week to show off your favorite pictures! The winners recieve cute photo enhanced pictures, we have daily bonuses to put your mind to the test & GREAT PRIZES
21 My Baby Contest
0 400
Awesome prizes see for yourself!
I mail out goodies boxes to my 1st place winners. And do raffles =] 2-3 times a month
0 333
23 Tiny Tots Contest
0 332
This is a FREE photo contest site filled with FUN FUN FUN! I send out prizes for every 1st place winner, however; 1st through 4th place winners are recognized :) Come and join my contests!!
24 AllkidsRcute Contest
0 314
One of the newer sites to show off your adorable kids. Lots of fun and GREAT prizes too. Come join the fun.
25 Miracle Baby Contests
0 398
I run baby contests that DO NOT consist of voting -- but judging. This way it is fair to the parents that dont get a chance to vote and do the bonuses everyday. I accept entries throughout the whole w
26 Jaden's Mommy
0 273
For ages 0-10. Fun contest site and a place you can buy baby clothes and maternity clothes!! W/no bonuses. Which gives children a chance to win off their pic, rather than how much there mom can get online:)
27 Mummys world wide
0 278
Free site with photo contest and a great place to meet other mummys

28 Beatiful Spoiled Rotten Babies
0 234
Fun myspace baby contest! Easy to follow rules... NO BONUS'! I do a picture of the week as well as I put pictures up of your child for the whole month of their birthday! Prize includes edited version of the winning picture or scrapbook page!
29 Cutest Baby Contest
0 256
fun FREE baby contest! I send out certificates to the top 3 winners and make a cute frame on every picture that is entered and have a winners album I keep up all the time
each contest runs mon-fri and
30 Our Little Cuddle Bugs
0 295
Completely free contest for babies & children ages newborn-15 yrs. Each entry gets their pic on a theme background. The main purpose of this site is to show off your cuties, and have fun!
31 Young, Fly, and Flashy Myspace Babies Trophy Conte
0 403
This trophy contest is for babiesunder 3 years. We award prizes to weekly winners which include cartoon photos and certificates. We have a monthly winner's round where the winners receive personalize
32 Glamorous Children Contest
0 263
This is a site just for fun for children ages newborn to 6 years! We try to make it fair and not just a popularity contest!
33 awesomebabies contest
0 221
a fun contest for children and babies
34 Lil Mommas Icons and Tags
0 246
Our site has AMAZING tags, icons, and glitter graphics! We also have some of the CUTEST baby contests!
Lindsay and Janea
35 Kid's 'r' Us photo contest
0 323
This site is for children newborn to 13 years. it is a fun contest and prizes are awarded to the first place winners also a photo pic for 2nd place winners as well.
36 Momma's Lil' Cuties
0 470
Fun FREE Contests for children ages Birth - 10 yrs old to show off your Lil' Cutie! Tags and More! Check me out!! Add me to join in all the fun!!!
0 504
my site is easy to join wonderful and fun for mothers and kids it gives you the apportunity to join and win a certificate or trophy! ages of child infants and toddlers! youll love its fun, enjoyable and beautiful.

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